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8. At the mountain top, Dr. Baumann gives Mishka a bill of sale that gives him ownership of a hill

The eyes of those present looked up to Dr. Baumann in anticipation of an explanation. Well, he began to implement the last step in his line of defense, as part of a campaign in Israel, and after lengthy and stubborn negotiations with high-ranking government officials, His Majesty the Sultan decided to entrust me with a promissory note giving me a sandstone hill, a short ride from Jaffa, and very close to the river Uja which flows into the sea. The occupants of the wagon had a hard time understanding why Dr. Baumann filled them with stories about a desolate sandstone hill in such a distant land. Well, on that sandstone hill that proudly overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, Dr. Baumann went on to say, I intended to plant a garden with a spacious lawn with a tall monument in the center, in the form of a Jewish woman carrying a torch that would illuminate the way of those who came to Israel. The woman's name will be Independence, and the name of the garden where she will stand will be the Independence Garden. In time, I believed, the first Hebrew city in the Land of Israel would be built around the garden on the sandstone hill.


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