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7. The revolutionaries escaped. The hay cart is ready to move. The journey to Basel begins.

The four men huddled in the narrow seat. Menachem Mendel was in charge. To his left, as a co-driver and navigator, sat Tuvia his son, at the right end of the seat was Dr. Baumann, and at his left end was pushed Mishka. May there be a will before you, O Lord our God, Menachem Mendel began with the prayer of the way. Dr. Baumann and Mishka's eyes watered, and their hearts skipped a beat. And guide us for life and joy and peace, Menachem Mendel continued. The eyes of the occupants of the chariot rose to heaven in supplication. Blessed are my lord hears the prayer, joins, and pulls lightly on the reins. The six horses were alerted. Menachem Mendel spurred the horses to set off and the signal for the start of the journey was given. The cart descended the path that led to the farm and turned onto the winding, bumpy dirt road that curved between the village houses and the dense tangle of yards. Menachem Mendel turned off the gas lantern and ordered those present to maintain complete silence so as not to attract the attention of the villagers, who must have already woken up to the commotion that arose from the farm. Some lights shining from the windows of the surrounding houses caught his attention and made him ponder the possibility that some residents might cooperate with the Homeland Security Police for greed money.


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