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6. Über-Lieutenant Herman Schneider from the Homeland Security Police breaks into the barn.

The barn door opened with a loud kick. A pair of German investigators in impeccably starched and ironed police uniforms stood in the doorway, and a formidable Shepard dog sniffed nervously at the surrounding air. Lieutenant-Hermann Herman Schneider stepped in first, a gleaming Parabellum pistol in his hand, and ordered those present to surrender immediately, lest he is forced to open fire. His junior commander, Otto, followed him with a dazzling lantern in his hand and began looking for incriminating evidence. Dr. Baumann and Mishka were alerted. Astonishment and fear paralyzed their bodies and heads. They tried frantically to make logical excuses and arguments that would explain their actions in the grain barn at such a late night, without having to incriminate their hosts, God forbid. Identifying documents, please, Superintendent Hermann Schneider. Honorable Officer, I do not want to waste your precious time, but I would like to point out that in accordance with the regulations and procedures of the Land Registry of the Baden Ministry of Justice from 1871, I am the rightful owner of this grain barn where we now stand, and my rights to the property will, of course, Declared Menachem Mendel.


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