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5. Discussions at the barn about the journey to Basel. The hay cart is too narrow to accommodate all

As for the hay cart for which you drove away and got this far, Tobias continued, well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, my friends, but we have no way of lending it now, as the wheat harvest season is in full swing and the cart is wearily laden with grain sacks and other agricultural commodities. With first dawn and Shacharit prayer, my father and I set off on a slow journey along the Rhine, on our way to the Jewish wheat merchant Mr. Rosenthal who is in the Basel wholesale market. The Basel Wholesale Market? Dr. Baumann and Mishka wandered together in amazement. Then we can surely huddle among the sacks of grain and agricultural goods, begged Tuvia. Jean-Jacques and Jean-Paul were also quick to announce that they would be happy to share the wagon alongside Dr. Baumann and Mishka, among the sacks of grain and agricultural goods. I understand that it is of paramount importance for all of you to arrive in Basel with first light, but first I will have to discuss it with my father, Tuvia replied. And in any case, I must inform you that the hay cart is tired and too crowded to accommodate so many passengers.


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