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4. In the thick of the woods, two French revolutionary joins the journey at a gunpoint.

The route was made of a mixture of dirt and gravel, and except for a few bumps and sections of road damaged by the winter rains, most of it was suitable for the daily use of horse-drawn carts and carriages. The march of the four men in the darkness of the night raised a thick cloud of dust and added a hallucinatory garnet to the puzzling spectacle anyway. Dr. Baumann and Mishka marched at the head of the group. A short distance behind them, the French duo marched with drawn drum pistols. Every attempt at whispering between Dr. Baumann and Mishka was cut short by Abu by the French calls for calm and a fast pace of walking. Fear of what might happen continued to gnaw at Dr. Baumann's mind. He began imagining the media show trial, in which he and Mishka would be accused of betraying the German nation. He imagined the headlines of newspapers calling for revenge: "French terrorists and Jewish collaborators for hanging for treason," "Jewish money financed terror against the German emperor and empire," "Jewish conspiracy corrupts the morals of the German nation," and other headlines.


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