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3. A curfew is imposed. Dr. Baumann and Mishka look for an alternative route to Basel.

'Doctor Baumann! Bend over! Mishka reprimanded him and returned him without delay to the waking districts, but before Dr. Baumann could understand what was happening around him, Mishka was knocked to the ground, signaling that they must maintain complete silence. Mishka pointed to the other side of the passenger hall. There was a lively traffic light in the front of the train station on Otto von Bismarck Avenue, and a police checkpoint illuminated by the flickering light of a gas lantern could be seen. Their jaws were attached to sharp daggers gleaming in the darkness. One of the policemen grabbed the leash of a German Shepherd dog moving around him with extreme nervousness, his ears taut, and all his senses ready for an attack.


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