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12. Dr. Baumann ascends the podium and signals the opening of the first Zionist Congress.

The congress must go on, now I must act as a leader and win over the historic status. The concert hall is buzzing with word of mouth. Dr. Bowman pulled back the curtain in front of the front door and peered inside. High applause shook the walls of the hall. All on Congress Island rose to their feet and applauded. The sense of mission began to pulsate in him. He walked along the aisle in a subdued stateliness and thanked the large crowd that had risen to receive him. Then he got on the podium in the center of the stage, sneaked a quick wink at Wolf Fishbein, who was sitting in the front row and opened with his speech, which stood the test of time for many years to come. Dear Chairman, Distinguished Members of Congress! As one of the readers of the Congress, it fell in the parts of honor to greet you. I would like to do this in a few words, as each of us will serve the cause on the good side if he drives savings in the precious moments of Congress. For three days we have to arrange a lot of important things. We want to lay the foundation stone for a home that will be the home of the Jewish nation.


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