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11. Unpleasant surprise at the casino house. The police detective awaits Dr. Baumann with a message

The glorious foyer was almost empty of man. The last of the guests had already hurried to take their seats in the concert hall and were looking forward to the start of the festive ceremony. The size and power of the class began to stir Dr. Baumann's heart and excite him. He straightened the tail of his black coat, fastened the white bow tie around his neck, and hurried to the first floor. Here, in a few minutes, would come his great moment I had longed for, he thought as he walked up the stairs, but when he reached the end of the stairs his face turned pale. At the end of the stairs stood a man whose face was not foreign to him at all. A deep scar crossed the man's left eyebrow, and his artificial eye, yellowish-green in color, stared hollowly at a mysterious spot in the air. "Doctor Baumann, we're finally meeting," the man's voice thundered. Dr. Baumann's breath was taken away. He clung to the railing and a feeling of weakness began to spread through his limbs.


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