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10. A pleasant August morning. Dr. Baumann overlooks the Mittlere bridge over the Rhine.

He felt his heart about to burst out of his chest. He opened the porch door of his room to inhale some fresh air. A thousand obstacles and delays excited me for new mornings, he thought, nothing would happen if I inhaled a little air and operated for a slight moment from the sights of the city of Basel. He leaned against the porch railing and watched the Rhine flow slowly into the heart of the city. He surveyed the elegant stone arches of the Hitler Bridge that shone in the sun and felt a calmness spreading through his limbs. A nice summer morning at the end of August. After all, there is no better day than this and no better hour than this to make my important contribution to Jewish history, the thought went through his mind. He hurried back to the room, put the top hat on his head, grabbed the cane, and set off.


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